Official notice: 16 November 2015

The Timeshare Market Limited (TML) is now closed until further notice.

Furthermore the decision to halt day operations of the company was not made lightly. In part the company’s inability to keep key personnel. Additionally the assurance of ownership and that of any goodwill via the owners. Through their survivorship or otherwise to the company.

Due to issues and failings, the director(s). Working under an interim management program, further referred to as the operator. See a working solution as two pronged.

One; to trade out in a skeleton like fashion. To complete, ease or action all pending prior requests for service. To escalate those where a consideration for such service received in full or in part. Thus in doing so, it’s hoped will provide the needed time for compensation. Or proceeds of or in part from the sale of business will bolster its position as a viable operation.

Two; escalate legal proceedings against the owners and those shareholders entitled or otherwise liable. For costs and for their non-performance.

As the services and connections for the business scale down. To make contact, raise any concerns or identify a work order, refund, payment or claim? Please attention all your correspondence to the operator. office@thetimesharemarket.co.nz Please allow up to 72 hours for response.

Any complaints on the professional practices by any associate, employed or otherwise. Please in the first instance mark and make all correspondence attention to the operator. Please detail any area of concern, situation and any action by you made to date. If a satisfactory resolution cannot achieved within a timely manner here. Your next approach should be by way of, a formal complaint; addressed to the. New Zealand Holiday Ownership Council (NZHOC).

If you have a sales listing with TML or have registered for sale within the last two years. A FREE listing at 4Sale-timeshares.com will made available to you. This is a special website the web dev team has put together with the help of management and designed to be an FSOB site. As an (FSBO) For Sale by Owner listing you will be able to deal and negotiate directly with buyers and sellers alike. With all your dealings conducted in a safe environment. You can link through to the pre and after sales advertised services for extra help and support. Email the operator at the above email address with your current listing id# and it will replicated on the FSOB site as soon as possible.

Unfortunately during this interim period limited sales support is available. With the majority of inquirer base guided towards listings @ 4Sale-timeshares.com. If you feel that as a TML client you too have reason to claim a free ad on 4sale-timeshares but fall outside the 2yr window? Then please address your request to the manager at 4salesite@thetimesharemarket.co.nz

New Zealand needs a safe viable secondary marketplace! The 40,000 + Timeshare / Vacation / Holiday ownership owners deserve this. Yet providing this should not come at the personal expense or cost for any individual or group. For the last 19 years TML for the better part. Provided a trouble free, safe and secure service. To resellers and purchasers alike and all types of timeshare related products. If you are reading this and are an existing client. We ask you to please send through any words of support or testimony of service to. support@thetimesharemarket.co.nz as always your identity will remain anonymous.

If you are in the position to pledge a few dollars and assist with the funds required to pursue legal proceedings. Please email canhelp@thetimesharemarket.co.nz. You will receive an email back with the links and further information.

Your continued patients and consideration in these matters is much appreciated. All updates will be posted here as and when they eventuate.

Yours sincerely,